Complete timber garden patio Decking + 95mm planed joists. Deck kit prices, some + wooden balustrade, include VAT & delivery.

DIYdeals has been a supplier of decking since 1998 offering quality timber garden patio deck kits at very competitive prices. The decking design uses chunky 45mm x 95mm planed joists which are fixed together with strong metal corner brackets. Strong 145mm (6") treated Pine (called redwood in the trade) deck boards with a better anti-slip fine ribbed surface and FSC accreditation are fixed with 1000 hour treated deck screws.

Listed below are the prices including VAT and delivery of the decking kits from 3.0m x 2.2 m to 5m x 10.2m shown as kits on their own and with balustrade on 2 or 3 sides. Decks may be joined together to form larger decks.

  • Ground deck kits include: all necessary deck boards, joists and deck screws. Corner brackets with screws, which are stronger than using joist screws into the end grain, are also supplied to join the joists together.
  • All outdoor timber is pressure treated giving at least a 15 year life
  • As the joists are all planed no cover boards are required around the sides
  • The deck boards are placed close enough together (5mm gap) so that weeds will not grow through so weed membranes are not required.
  • Full assembly instructions are available just click on the ASSEMBLY button at the top of this page
  • Kits are shown with balustrade on 2 or 3 sides but if Extra Balustrade is required it is available by clicking on the link to balustrade (under OTHER PRODUCTS) above

Available products

Decks can be joined together to make wider decks with alternating deckboards to avoid a straight line join. For longer decks simply add the costs together e.g. a 3m wide x 12.2m deck = 1 x 3m wide x 8.2m + 1 x 3m wide x 4.15m.

Ground Deck Kits with balustrade are shown beneath each size of deck, B2S shows square balustrade on 2 joining sides and the B3S90sp is with balustrade on 1 long and 2 short sides and this one includes an extra newel posts to form a gap if required. The 76sp is with 27mm X 760mm square spindles and the 90Sp has 32mm X 895mm square spindles. All spindles have 100mm 4inch spacings for safety use

Click here to see our range of decks with six inch joists

Kit Code Width (m) Length (m) Size (imperial) Price inc VAT ()   Parts List Add to cart
4G3022B2S76Sp 3.00 2.20 9'10x7'3 295.00  
4G3022B2S90Sp 3.00 2.20 9'10x7'3 299.00  
4G3022B3S90Sp 3.00 2.20 9'10x7'3 339.00  
4G4022B2S76Sp 4.00 2.20 13'2x7'3 359.00  
4G4022B2S90Sp 4.00 2.20 13'2x7'3 369.00  
4G4022B3S90Sp 4.00 2.20 13'2x7'3 399.00  
4G4031B2S76Sp 4.00 3.10 13'2x10'2 455.00  
4G4031B2S90Sp 4.00 3.10 13'2x10'2 469.00  
4G4031B3S90Sp 4.00 3.10 13'2x10'2 529.00  
4G4042B2S76Sp 4.00 4.15 13'2x13'6 585.00  
4G4042B2S90Sp 4.00 4.15 13'2x13'6 599.00  
4G4042B3S90Sp 4.00 4.15 13'2x13'6 675.00  
4G4052 4.00 5.20 13'2x17'0 539.00  
4G4052B2S76Sp 4.00 5.20 13'2x17'0 709.00  
4G4052B2S90Sp 4.00 5.20 13'2x17'0 725.00  
4G4052B3S90Sp 4.00 5.20 13'2x17'0 799.00  
4G4063 4.00 6.25 13'2x20'6 649.00  
4G4063B2S76Sp 4.00 6.25 13'2x20'6 809.00  
4G4063B2S90Sp 4.00 6.25 13'2x20'6 825.00  
4G4063B3S90Sp 4.00 6.25 13'2x20'6 899.00  
4G4072 4.00 7.15 13'2x23'6 725.00  
4G4072B3S90Sp 4.00 7.15 13'2x23'6 999.00  

Deck kit prices include VAT & delivery to mainland England (excluding Devon, West of Exeter & Cornwall), Wales and Southern Scotland up to the M8 corridors including Glasgow & Edinburgh.

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DIYdeals is run by Peter Dale from 6 The Shaw, Glossop, Derbyshire, England SK13 6DE delivering planned projects direct to your door.
The bulk timber is stored at a transport warehouse in Stockport

email, call 01457 855259 or text / sms 07866 767863