Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are DIYdeals timber decks easy to build?

A: Yes, we've worked out everything you need in our kits. All you need to have are the simply skills of measuring, screwing and on some kits some sawing is required !

Q: Do I need weed-membrane under the deck?

A: The deckboards are placed close enough together so that little or no light penetrates which prevent grass and weeds growing through - so no weed membrane is required.

Q: Do I need to cover the outside joists with deckboards?

A: The DIYdeals joists are made from strong Siberian Fir and are planed to 45mm thick (not 38mm as in the case of CLS) and give a good planed finish - so no 'cover deckboards' are required.

Q: What is the 'fine ribbing' for on the deckboards?

A: DIYdeals deckboards have 9 grooves on one side and a fine ribbed effect on the other - the fine ribbed side offers a better slip resistance, but either side can be used as the surface.

Q: Why do does DIYdeals supply 6" deckboards and not 4" or 5" like other suppliers?

A: DIYdeals deckboards are 145mm wide (ex 6") and are much stronger than 120mm (ex 5") or 90mm (ex 4"). With narrower deckboards the support joists need to be closer together to compensate for the lack of strength.

Q: Are the decking screws suitable for outdoor use.

A: Yes. The decking screws are coated with 1000hr advanced coating protection and are specially hardened and lubricated for superior performance and ease of use. They have a deep pozi recess to avoid cam out and extend bit life

Q: Why do DIYdeals ground decks have metal corner brackets and not long screws to join the joists for the frame?

A: Corner brackets make a much stronger join than using screws. as screws into the end grain can work loose over the years. They also keep all the outside joists surfaces clear of screw heads for a cleaner appearance.

Q: When do I need a raised deck?

A: DIYdeals RAISED DECKS can use 90mm Post Anchors with 600mm 24" spikes or plates (if fixing to concrete), which keep the posts off the ground. These post anchors make the deck easier to erect and extend the life of the deck by at least 10 years as it is the area that is in contact with the ground that rots first.

Q: Can I add other timbers to my order?

A: Yes all the individual components can be added to any deck kit order.

DIYdeals is run by Peter Dale from 6 The Shaw, Glossop, Derbyshire, England SK13 6DE delivering planned projects direct to your door.
The bulk timber is stored at a transport warehouse in Stockport

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